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The Voice Club, London
... singing training for anxious beginners to confident vocalists

Singing in Crouch End, North London
Friendly and informal group courses and one-to-one singing lessons for adults.

Accessible, practical singing technique combined with relaxing, holistic elements.

Classes available for beginners, improvers and advanced singers for regular practice and development.
Gently challenge your limits, relax and de-stress in our light-hearted singing sessions.

 Voice Club Groups  enrolling now- 

  • Singing Technique for beginners
  • Weekly vocal workout
  • Voice club singers
  • Relaxing singing technique day workshops
One to One Singing Lessons 
Voice Club training is developed to suit the members, not the other way around!
Every voice is unique.
Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl 

"...Your love of singing is infectious!"  Voice Club member 2016
Voice Club Groups Enrolling Now 

"..a safe, friendly, relaxed atmosphere with lots of information in understandable form and always with an element of fun, have felt a real improvement in my vocal confidence." 
Voice Club member 2016
Starts Wednesday September 13th 
10am to 11.20am

6 Week Course
Crouch End Picturehouse
  • Have you ever thought you'd like to sing but didn't know where to start?
  • Do you worry about your ability to sing or feel anxious about being heard?
  • Would you like to be able to control your voice?
  • Could you benefit from regular relaxation and breathing exercises?
  • Are you too shy to sing or fear embarrassment?
This friendly group is a great place to begin!

Next term starts Friday September 15th
10am -11.45am
Start the weekend with some uplifting singing!

Join this fun and friendly group in a beautiful space.
In this weekly  session we practice thorough vocal warm-ups and exercises,  followed by  songs together  in unison and parts.
We cover many styles to give context to the vocal exercises, working with improvised and taught harmonies.
Next Term starts Tuesday September 13th
Our Tuesday evening group is a  friendly, fun and creative, mixed ability Voice Club ensemble class. Running termly,  held in the beautiful, peaceful acoustic space of Holy Innocents Church.

Technique training, relaxation and voice-freeing practice, breath work, and vocal development exercises form the first half of the session, followed by ensemble singing of songs in harmony and unison.

Developing vocal confidence and freedom while singing a wide range of repertoire.

Private singing lessons  are all about you. 

I am more like your Personal Trainer than a musical critic!

I have experience coaching people of all ages and standards of vocal ability, including  those with confidence issues, and people convinced they "can't" sing. 

Learning vocal technique one to one you will be able to:-
  • Explore and develop your own voice at your own pace in a safe, supportive, sensitive environment. 
  • Learn breathing, projection, increase your range and improve tone quality. 
  • Experience individually-tailored training and coaching at an appropriate level 
  • Work on a wide variety of genre, repertoire and styles. 
  • Lessons are extremely relaxed and informal (and fun) 
extra summer drop-in sessions

Come along to a friendly, introductory singing workshop day in Crouch End!
Combine accessible, practical singing technique with a holistic element, calm your nerves and overcome fears!
Learn a system of exercises to keep your voice in shape.

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